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Direct Primary Care For Employers



Employers Understand The True Costs

Healthcare is the biggest employer spend after payroll. Why not save on employee healthcare insurance premiums?


Healthcare Premiums Are Expensive

Employee premiums on average increase 4.7% to 5.2% annually


Usage Increases Healthcare Costs

Utilization of healthcare is what drives premiums for employers


Traditional Insurance is Overpriced

On average it cost $12k - $13k per employee for traditional health insurance

Save With Direct Primary Care

Save Up To 20% Reduction Of Healthcare Spend

At Florida Concierge Medicine & Wellness, we understand that small business owners face unique challenges, and managing healthcare costs for employees can be a significant burden. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our tailored Direct Primary Care (DPC) program designed exclusively for business owners like you.

Reasons To Try DPC

Cost-Effective Solutions

Say goodbye to expensive insurance premiums! Our Direct Primary Care model eliminates the need for traditional insurance, saving your business substantial money without compromising the quality of healthcare for your employees. You can save up to 20% off on Insurance Premiums!

Customized Employee Health Plans

We believe in flexibility. With our DPC program, we offer personalized health plans that suit the needs of your diverse workforce. Whether you have a small team or a growing enterprise, our plans can be customized to provide comprehensive care for everyone.

Unlimited Access to Quality Care

Give your employees the gift of unlimited access to our experienced healthcare professionals. No more waiting for appointments or rushing through visits – our DPC model ensures your team receives the attention and care they deserve.

Proactive Healthcare Management

Preventive care is the key to long-term health. Our Direct Primary Care model encourages proactive healthcare management, focusing on preventive services that keep your employees healthy and reduce the need for costly treatments down the road.

Confidential and Convenient

We prioritize the privacy and convenience of your employees. Our DPC program provides a confidential and secure environment for medical consultations, allowing your team to address health concerns without sacrificing their work commitments.

Reduced Absenteeism and Increased Productivity

By providing accessible and affordable healthcare, you're investing in the well-being of your workforce. This not only reduces absenteeism due to health issues but also boosts productivity by fostering a workplace culture that values the health and happiness of its employees.


Direct Primary Care Pricing*​

  • Compatible With PPO And HDHP Plans As Well As FSAs, HRAs And HSAs

  • Can Be Fully Employer Funded, Or Employee Funded, Or Shared Cost

  • Employee Direct Pay Or Payroll Deductions If Employee Funded

  • Reduced Group Rates

  • Extensive Employee Communication Support


Based On Employers Needs

  • Discounted Labs & Imaging

  • Avoid Lengthy Office Wait Times

  • Next Day Appointments

  • No Rushed Appointments

  • 24/7 Access To A Doctor

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Superior Care



Per Month

  • Discounted Labs & Imaging

  • Avoid Lengthy Office Wait Times

  • Next Day Appointments

  • No Rushed Appointments

  • 24/7 Access To A Doctor

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Superior Care

Direct Primary Care Q&A

How is DPC Different?

Direct primary care gives you unprecedented access and convenience to your trusted physician. DPC members benefit from low cost labs, cash medications, and medical imaging.

How Can I Be Sure You Will Have Time For Me If Your Access Is Unlimited?

Because my main priority is you and I want to make sure I’m available for you while maintaining little to no wait, same day or next day visits, as well as non rushed, 30-60 minute visits. I cap my patient panel at 600 patients (a traditional panel is 2000-3000 patients).

Does Your Membership Qualify As A Medical Expense?

My fees are compliant with flexible spending (FSAs) and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs), and generally considered compliant with health spending accounts HSA’s. While a membership is a qualified medical expense, I do recommend a best practice of paying semi-annually or annually with an HSA.

How Do Your Contracts Work?

My service contract is for one year. If you are unhappy with the services OR for any reason wish to cancel your contract, you may do so with a 30-day notice. Any services already performed (i.e. preventive exams) will be itemized for payment. Any refunds will be granted after the service items are paid. All contracts are automatically renewed unless a 30-day notice is received by us not to renew.

How Do I Pay For Your Services?

You may pay with credit, check or bank account transfer. For convenience, keep a card on file for incidentals and make it easier for you to make monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual payments.

Why Is Direct Pay Better?

Practicing architecture, we collaborate with clients to create and design buildings and environments in dialogue with culture and place. We are happy to work with amazing inspiring clients, organizations and individuals with challenging tasks and complex projects.

Will These Changes To Your Practice Cost Me Less?

The only change is that I’ve partnered with resources that may save you additional money if you would like to pay cash rather than submit to insurance. For example, I’ve partnered with labs, imaging centers, and a prescription wholesaler for dramatically lower cash-based pricing. However, if you still would like to submit to your insurance you are welcome to do so. I can provide you with those options that allow you to make the right decision based on your situation.


What Our Patient Say About Us

Florida Concierge Medicine & Wellness is known for its exceptional care, compassionate approach, and commitment to improving overall well-being. But don’t take it from us. See why our patients love our medical clinic!


"I loved my visit with Dr.Gerard! He was extremely patient and thorough in his explanation of my symptoms and gave me confidence in my next step. The office was impeccable - clean, modern and you can tell they have room to expand services! Staff was pleasant and very welcoming too. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a sound and honest practice that cares about you!"


Marie Leger

Google Review


"Amazing Doctor. My dad was sick and he was able to see him right away and make him feel better."


Rami S.

Yelp Review


"Dr. Acloque is amazing! He made me feel really comfortable and took his time explaining every step to me before they were done! I did not feel like a number in a herd while visiting this practice. The staff is so warm and inviting, and the office is beautiful and very clean. I would give 10 stars if possible!! Great experience and so worth the money!!"


Kaneesha Perry

Google Review


"From the moment I stepped into his office in Hollywood, Florida, I knew I had found a physician who truly cares about his patients. Dr. Acloque's dedication to providing thorough and patient-centered care is truly remarkable."oming too. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a sound and honest practice that cares about you!"


Catherine Casas

Google Review


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